Sunday, April 15, 2012


Uh oh. That's what my son Oliver says when he knows he's in trouble, and for me this "uh oh" is directed at myself for allowing an eon to pass by without posting anything.

So why no work Matt? Well the truth is there is plenty of work, most of it unfinished and lots of it unsatisfactory due to my Ph.D in Procrastination.

So I've decided a change must be had and fast. From now on I wish to post something at least once a week. I'm taking away my feelings and my perfectionism, and posting it here no matter what I think. If I don't I'm the only one who can criticize my work and believe me, I'm very good at that. The truth is I've no idea if I should pursue concept design, animation, illustration, etc. Hopefully feedback from here and in my cghub & sketchbooks will help me out. That's the plan at least.

So here is a small portion of what I've been doing. I hope you enjoy it.

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